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Title of master's thesis

"Cooperative Control of Dual-arm Manipulator Based on Vision Information (uperation Pour Liquid from bottle into a cup )"Takao Taniguchi
"Cooperative transportation of object by two manipulators and human (A method of restraining internal force using sliding mode control)"Takao Taniguchi
Evaluation of the region of attraction of a stabilizing control law for an inverted pendulum considering the restricted travelKazunobu Yoshida
A design of a transfer control system for a tower crane using IMC methodsKazunobu Yoshida
"Damping control for a lens unit swing type camera"Kazunobu Yoshida
Vibration isolation control for a two-degree-of-freedom structural system emulating skyhook dampers (A design of a saturating control considering the amplitude constraints of the AMDs)Kazunobu Yoshida
Damping and transfer control of a spherical pendulum on omni-directional mobile robot with pneumatic active vibration reducer having 3-DOF parallel linkage (In the case of transfer on uneven road)Masafumi Hamaguchi
Bending of neo-Hookean bilayersTakuya Morimoto
Design of 2-DOF Dynamic Absorber with Proportional Damping for 2-DOF SystemShinji Tamura
Development and Evaluation of Gaze Input Training Software EyeMoT using Low cost Gaze Input DeviceMasahiko Nawate
Analysis of drying process of an ink dot using digital holographic microscopyMasayuki Yokota
Digital holographic interferometry using holograms transmitted by a POF image guideMasayuki Yokota
Accommodation response for the integral photography still imagesSumio Yano
Development of the measurement equipment for binocular eye movement and its application for the evaluation of three-dimensional imagesSumio Yano
Design of the Power Converter in Consideration of the Parasitic of the CapacitorMasayoshi Yamamoto
Study on High Power Density Converter Using Magnetic CouplingMasayoshi Yamamoto
"Analytical Investigation of the wiring parasitism of Fast Switching Using Next-Generation Power Devices"Masayoshi Yamamoto
"Battery Capacitor Combination Power Supply System for Ultra Lightweight Vehicle"Masayoshi Yamamoto
"Design and Examination of Problems of the Multi-phase LLC Resonance Converter"Masayoshi Yamamoto
A study of hot carrier effects on random telegraph noise in nMOSFETsToshiaki Tsuchiya
A study of hot carrier effects on random telegraph noise in pMOSFETsToshiaki Tsuchiya
A study on charge pumping characteristics in nanoscale MOS transistorsToshiaki Tsuchiya
Formation of ZnO nano particle layers by spray method and device applicationYasuhisa Fujita
Characterization of solution processable type solar cells using N doped ZnO nano particlesYasuhisa Fujita
Improvement of emission properties of solution-processable light emitting diodes using zinc oxide nanoparticlesYasuhisa Fujita
Electroluminescence from ZnMgO:N/ZnO single hetreojunction fabricated by MOCVDYasuhisa Fujita
"Development of silicon pn junction by sputter-epitaxy and its application to interdigitated back-contact solar cell"Yeh Wenchang

Studies on Operating Control System for an Automatic Vehicle to Avoid an EmergencyTakao Taniguchi
Study on Stress Oscillation Analysis a Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Thin Film Fumihiro Ashida
Study on Optimal Design of a Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Material Layer in a Composite Circular Disk for Control of Thermal StressFumihiro Ashida
Transfer control of a crane system with a two-degree-of-freedom pendulum considering constraints on the sway anglesKazunobu Yoshida
Transfer control of a flexible beam system using a saturating control lawKazunobu Yoshida
A design of a controller having integral action for a crane with restricted sway anglesKazunobu Yoshida
Numerical solution of obstacle avoidance control via modified SDRE methodsKazunobu Yoshida
Experimental and Theoretical Study on Dynamic Behavior of a Pair of Highly Precise Spur GearsShuting LI
Design and Strength Analysis of a Strain Wave GearingShuting LI
"Damping and Transfer Control of a Spherical Pendulum on Omni-directional Mobile Robot with Pneumatic Active Vibration Reducer Having 3-DOF Parallel Linkage"Masafumi Hamaguchi
"Damping Control of Sloshing in Cylindrical Container on Cart with Active Vibration Reducer Having 6-DOF Parallel Linkage (Damping Control without Excitation of Higher-Mode Sloshing along a Curved Path on Horizontal Plane)"Masafumi Hamaguchi
Swelling-induced bending of bigel stripsTakuya Morimoto
Kanji Writing Training Using Information Equipments and Its Effects for Pupil with Difficulty in Writing KanjiMasahiko Nawate
Training Using Information Appliance and Its Effect for Person with Asperger Disorder Having Weakness in Reasoning ProblemMasahiko Nawate
Learning Support Using Information Equipment for Children with Difficulty in Arithmetic LearningMasahiko Nawate
Development of a digital holographic analyzer for drying and hardeningMasayuki Yokota
Development of a multiwavelength digital holographic system for the inspection of pipe inner wallMasayuki Yokota
Comparisons of the TRMM/PR rainfall estimate result and the X-band radar data in IndonesiaToyoshi Shimomai
Extraction of small-scale atmospheric waves from the all-sky cloud images obtained by a self-made simple all-sky cameraToyoshi Shimomai
Study on lognormal DSD models for the rain rate estimation using GPM's dual frequency radar (DPR)Toyoshi Shimomai
Optimal structure design of multimode interference coupler using the eigenmode expansion methodKaname Jinguji
Study on the optical fiber amplification technology for improving the performance of photonic systemsHiroji Masuda
Study on the configuration of the optical water surface sensing systemHiroji Masuda
Development of image input method for the one-dimensional integral photographySumio Yano
Development of image display processing for integral photographySumio Yano
Stability Control Design of Boost Type DC-DC Converter Complete High Power Density for EV and PHVMasayoshi Yamamoto
High Power Density of DC-DC Converters for HEV or EV ApplicationsMasayoshi Yamamoto
The soft switching DC/AC inverter with next-generation semiconductor deviceMasayoshi Yamamoto
An Analysis of False Turn-on Mechanism on Power Devices.Masayoshi Yamamoto
High Performance and Size Reduction of Power Converter with Multi-layer StructureMasayoshi Yamamoto
Verification of Gate Noise of Parallel Connected New Material Semiconductor.Masayoshi Yamamoto
A Study on Stability in the Operation of Impact Ionization MOSFETsToshiaki Tsuchiya
A Study on Random Telegraph Noise in Nano-Scaled nMOSFETs and pMOSFETsToshiaki Tsuchiya
A study on the temperature dependence of the electrical transport properties of semiconductorsYasutomo Kajikawa
Molecular beam epitaxy of III-V compound semiconductors on Ge (111) substratesYasutomo Kajikawa
Fabrication of ZnO nano particle layers by coating method and its application to thin film transistorsYasuhisa Fujita

Study on One-Dimensional Analysis of a Thin Film with Damping Based on Green and Lindsay's TheoryFumihiro Ashida
Study on Control of Transient Thermal Stress Based on Allowable Stresses in a Smart Multi-layer Composite DiskFumihiro Ashida
Study on Thermal Stress Oscillation Analysis of a Functionally Graded Thin Film by the Method of CharacteristicsFumihiro Ashida
Vibration isolation control for a two-degree-of-freedom structural system using AMDsKazunobu Yoshida
Development of Self Learning Method for Children with Developmental Disabilities.Masahiko Nawate
Training Method for Attention Switching and Working Memory for Children with Asperger's Disorder.Masahiko Nawate
Gamification of Learning for Improvement in Reading and Writing Skills.Masahiko Nawate
Transmission of phase-shifting holograms using a POF image guide and the evaluation of reconstructed imagesMasayuki Yokota
Effect on the rain drop size distribution estimated from the MRR (Micro Rain Radar) observation, caused by vertical air motionToyoshi Shimomai
Study on antenna beam shift and smearing characteristics of spaceborne Precipitation SAR (PSAR)Toshiaki Kozu
Improvement in processing speed of Scicos CADKaname Jinguji
An ICA-based Method for Blind Equalization in MIMO-OFDM Systems and Simulation of Light Propagation using BPM for pi/2-hybriod in DQPSK DemodulatorKaname Jinguji
Study on improving the performance of the optical communication system using optical fiber amplification technologyHiroji Masuda
Study on the advanced optical system using optical fiber technologyHiroji Masuda
High Performance and Miniaturization of Isolated Converter for Hybrid Vehicle and Electric VehicleMasayoshi Yamamoto
Performance Improvement of Next Generation Automotive Power Train SystemsMasayoshi Yamamoto
Downsizing and High Efficiency of Three Phase Power Conversion System for Motor DriveMasayoshi Yamamoto
Miniaturization Performance of DC-DC Converter using SiC Power Semiconductor DevicesMasayoshi Yamamoto
Characterization and growth of quasi-single crystalline silicon-germanium thin films on glass substratesKuninori Kitahara
A Study on Hot Carrier Effects in Nanoscale PMOSFETsToshiaki Tsuchiya
A Study on Hot Carrier Effects in Random Telegraph NoiseToshiaki Tsuchiya
Study on the enhancement of DNA detection sensitivity by using zinc oxide and silica nanoparticlesYasuhisa Fujita
Growth of p-type ZnMgO thin films and fabrication of LED by MOCVDYasuhisa Fujita
Development of germanium thin-film solar cells by sputtering epitaxyWenchang Yeh
Development of silicon thin-film solar cells by sputtering epitaxyWenchang Yeh

A Study of Cooperative Conveying Job with Human and Impedance Controlled Dual-Arm ManipulatorTakao Taniguchi
Robot Vision System to Work Cooperatively with Human (Real-time directions of work by dynamic gesture)Takao Taniguchi
Structural Optimum Design of a Multi-layer Piezoelectric Composite Disk for Control of Thermal Displacement DistributionFumihiro Ashida
Study on Multiscale Stress Analysis of a Porous Material Considering Microscopic Random VariationsFumihiro Ashida
Effect of Material Properties of a Piezoelectric Layer on Thermal Stresses in a Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Composite DiskFumihiro Ashida
Sampling Strategy Using Delaunay Diagram for Kriging Approximate OptimizationFumihiro Ashida
Study on Stochastic Thermal Stress Analysis of a Unidirectional Fiber Reinforced Composite Material Considering Microscopic VariationsFumihiro Ashida
Control of Transient Thermal Stress in a Smart Multi-layer Composite DiskFumihiro Ashida
Transfer control of a double-hoisting crane with state constraintsKazunobu Yoshida
Load transfer control for a tower crane with restricted sway angleKazunobu Yoshida
Vibration isolation control approximating a skyhook damper for structural systemsKazunobu Yoshida
Stabilizing control for a triple-inverted pendulum with restricted travelKazunobu Yoshida
Damping Control and Transfer Control of Spherical Pendulum by Using Omni-directional Mobile Robot (Transportation on horizontal plane)Masafumi Hamaguchi
Damping Control of Sloshing in Cylindrical Container on Cart with Active Vibration Reducer of 6-DOF Parallel Link Type (Curved Path Transfer for Higher-mode Sloshing)Masafumi Hamaguchi
Analysis for Stochastic Jump Phenomena of 2-DOF Duffing Oscillator Using Wavelet Transform (Consideration of Frequency Response Function)Shinji Tamura
Optimal Design of Dynamic Absorber for 2-DOF System with Different Mass by Fixed Points TheoryShinji Tamura
Estimation of equatorial raindrop size distribution (DSD) profile using 2-frequency atmospheric radars: DSD characteristics during the passage of MJO and SCCToshiaki Kozu
Remote sensing of organic and inorganic SS, and Chl-a in brackish water region using VIS/NIR multi-band reflectancesToshiaki Kozu
Development of Training Software for Dyslexia with Difficulty in Phonological AwarenessMasahiko Nawate
A Study on Vibration Control of Plates with Ribs and Damping MaterialHai Zhou
Study on a digital holographic endoscope for the inspection of straight pipe inner surface with multiwavelength light sourcesMasayuki Yokota
Properties of equivalent radar reflectivity factor based on MRR observation and model calculation in the melting layerToyoshi Shimomai
Optimal Structure Design of Multimode Interference Coupler Used in DQPSK DemodulatorKaname Jinguji
Development of optical circuit CAD capable of minimizing circuit areaKaname Jinguji
Study on improving the performance of the optical system using optical fibersHiroji Masuda
A study on the optical amplification technology using remotely-pumping scheme for large-capacity optical communication systemsHiroji Masuda
Study on the high-speed control scheme of erbium-doped fiber amplifiersHiroji Masuda
Measures of characteristics of resting-state fMRI time series and their variance between subjectsWakako Nakamura
High power density converters using integrated magneticMasayoshi Yamamoto
Proposal of Discrete Gate Drive Circuits suitable for GaN FETsMasayoshi Yamamoto
Stability Control Design of Current Mode Control for Boost Type DC-DC Converter for HEVMasayoshi Yamamoto
Three-Phase Voltage Type PWM Inverter with the Next-Generation Power Semiconductor DeviceMasayoshi Yamamoto
High efficiency and miniaturization of Battery Charger System suitable for Plug-in Hybrid Electric VehicleMasayoshi Yamamoto
Proposal of a High Efficiency Boost Chopper CircuitMasayoshi Yamamoto
Optimal control of gear ratio and exciting current for saving energy of Electric Vehicle Masayoshi Yamamoto
Proposal of Gate Drive Circuit Suitable for Driver IC with built-in GaN FETs Masayoshi Yamamoto
Calorimetric power loss measurement and oscilloscope using efficiency relativity evaluation of a three-phase voltage type pwm inverterMasayoshi Yamamoto
Raman microscopy of silicon for electronic displays and solar cells-Enhanced Raman scattering observed for micro-structured surface-Kuninori Kitahara
A Study on Oxide Traps in MOS DevicesToshiaki Tsuchiya
A Study on Interafce Traps Generated by Gate Bias in MOSFETsToshiaki Tsuchiya
A Study on Evaluation of the Spacial Distribution of Interface TrapsToshiaki Tsuchiya
Crystallinity and electrical properties of poly-GaSbAs filmsYasutomo Kajikawa
Growth of ZnO related films and fabrication of heterojunction by MOCVDYasuhisa Fujita
Development of Ge Solar Cells by Sputter EpitaxyWenchang Yeh
Development of Reactive Sputtering Deposited SiNx:H Film for Si Solar Cells and Estabrishment of Fabrication Process for BSF Type Si Solar CellsWenchang Yeh

Robot Vision System to Work Cooperatively with Person (Recognition method of the gesture with both hands)T. Taniguchi
A Control System Design to Avoid Emergency for the Automobile(A generating method of waveforms according tu velocity for both steering angle and braking torque)T. Taniguchi
Study on Elastic Wave Propagation Behavior in a Functionally Graded Material FilmF. Ashida
Study on Material Design of a Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Composite Disk for Control of Thermal StressF. Ashida
Study on One-Dimensional Generalized Thermoelastic Problem of a Thin Film Subject to Nonstationary Magnetic FieldF. Ashida
Load transfer control for a two-dimensional overhead crane with restricted sway angleK. Yoshida
Cooperative Transfer Control of Mobile Robots Using Parallel Mechanism with Passive Joints (Level Control of Carrier Platform Using Fuzzy Theory on Slope)M. Hamaguchi
Study on Inverse Stochastic Homogenization Analysis for a Particle-reinforced Composite Material with Perturbation-based ApproachS. Sakata
Some statistics of stochastic jump phenomena of a Duffing oscillator using complex wavelet transform (Comparison between two models of narrow band random excitation)S. Tamura
Control Method of Multi-stage Transmission for Saving Energy of Electric Vehicles T. Izumi
Estimation of the origin of suspended solids in brackish lake from remote sensing data using PLS methodT. Kozu
Application of statistical properties of fading in high resolution SAR to land cover classificationT. Kozu
Development of Training Software for Child with Difficulty in Writing Kanji and CompositionM. Nawate
Development of Training Software Based on Cognitive Psychology for Promotion of Numerical ConceptM. Nawate
Computer Aided Perception and Behavior Characteristics Measurement of Developmental DisorderM. Nawate
Effect of Screen Size on Recognition and Attention of Presented InformationM. Nawate
Analysis of a drying process of painted surface with both a digital holographic and gravimetric measurements and microscopic observationM. Yokota
Turbidity estimation using MODIS data with 6S Code in brackish lake areasT. Shimomai
Miniaturization and its performance Improvement of Battery Charger System suitable for Plug-in Hybrid Electric VehicleM. Yamamoto
High Performance Evaluations of Single Phase Inverter suitable for New Interface EnergyM. Yamamoto
Stability Control Design Method for Boost Type DC-DC Converter suitable for HEVM. Yamamoto
Ultra High Frequency Drive Circuit of Novel GaN Power Switching Semiconductor Devices suitable for Isolated DC-DC ConverterM. Yamamoto
A Novel Modeling and Experimental Evaluation of Three Phase Inverter for Electric VehicleM. Yamamoto
Energy Saving Investigation for Tunnel Lighting System using LED lightingM. Yamamoto
Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Effects of Porous Silicon and Needle-Like Silicon K. Kitahara
Study on Silicon-Germanium Thin Films on Glass Substrates Crystallized by Continuous-Wave LaserK. Kitahara
Development of Low Damage Hydrogenation Reactor for Amorphous and Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Films K. Kitahara
Highly Sensitive Detection of Defects in Silicon Using Enhanced Raman Scattering EffectK. Kitahara
A Study on Evaluation of Interface in Nanoscale MOS Devices Using Charge PumpingT. Tsuchiya
A Study on Energy Levels of Interface Traps in Nanoscale MOS DevicesT. Tsuchiya
A Study on Individual Interface Traps Generated by Hot-Carriers in MOSFETsT. Tsuchiya
Film-thickness dependence of electrical properties of GaSbAs deposited on glassY. Kajikawa

A control system design to avoid emergency for the automobile (Design of operation patterns using immunity algorithm)T. Taniguchi
Study on inverse thermoelastic problem of a piezoceramic composite hollow cylinder subject to asymmetric heatingF. Ashida
Study on efficient control of a transient thermal displacement in a piezothermoelastic composite disk subject to stress constraintsF. Ashida
Vibration suppression control for a two-degree-of-freedom structural system using active mass dampers with restricted strokeK. Yoshida
A search algorithm for control lyapunov functions using radial basis function networksK. Yoshida
Damping control of carrier platform on cart with 6 DOF parallel-link-type active vibration reducerM. Hamaguchi
Study on multiscale stochastic stress analysis of a fiber reinforced composite material for evaluation of influence of a random variation on failure probabilityS. Sakata
Study on design of electrodes in a two-layered piezoelectric composite disk for control of thermal stressesS. Sakata
Study on phase characteristic of frequency response function of 2-DOF Duffing oscillatorS. Tamura
Analysis for stochastic jump phenomena of 2-DOF Duffing oscillator using wavelet transformS. Tamura
Combination of electrical and mechanical brake systems for saving energy on electric vehicleT. Izumi
Development of a technique to monitor environmental parameters for brackish lakes combining MODIS turbidity map and in-situ/meteorological dataT. Kozu
Performance evaluation of rainfall region detection and ground surface observation method in adaptive scan for spaceborne rain radarT. Kozu
Estimation of state change of water at lower troposphere by using multiple remote sensors and its evaluation T. Kozu
Coordination exercise using PC for child with higher brain dysfunction and impaired ccrdinationM. Nawate
A study on word reading characteristics of a person who has attention disorder and alexiaM. Nawate
Effect of eye movement training on person with unilateral spatial neglect and attention disorderM. Nawate
Development of an inspection system in a pipe by digital holographyM. Yokota
Improvement of soft switching power converter suitable for AC output interfaceM. Yamamoto
Reduction of EDLC capacity and smoothing of power fluctuation in distributed-generating systems by chaos short-term forecastingM. Yamamoto
Optimal design method of coupled-inductor for interleaved and trans-linked PFC convertor considered maximum power and evaluationM. Yamamoto
A Novel three phase multi-phase boost chopper circuit with coupled inductor for electric vehicleM. Yamamoto
A residential distributed-generating system with photovoltaic cells and hydrogen-storage type fuel cellsM. Yamamoto
Feasible evaluations of smoothing capacitor-less ARCP method high efficiency three-phase voltage source soft switching inverterM. Yamamoto
Characterization of structural regularity in amorphous Si thin films by optical methodsK. Kitahara
Growth of quasi-single crystalline SiGe thin films on glass substrates by using continuous wave laser lateral crystallizationK. Kitahara
Study to improve performance and reliability of low temperature polycrystalline silicon thin film transistorsT. Tsuchiya
Characterization of GaSbAs single layers and GaSbAs/InAs hetero-structures grown on glassY. Kajikawa
Preparation and characterization of pn junction based on ZnO nanoparticle filmsY. Fujita
Preparation and characterization of silica-coated ZnO nanoparticles or bioimagingY. Fujita

Robot vision system to work cooperatively with person - Hand gesture distinction method for working instruction -T. Taniguchi
Cooperative conveying work with human and two manipulators - Human's power presumption method using neural network -T. Taniguchi
Sliding mode control based on position and inner force of two manipulators in cooperative workT. Taniguchi
Study on an inverse transient thermoelastic problem of a radially polarized piezoceramic hollow cylinderF. Ashida
Study on an efficient control of transient thermal stresses in a two-layer piezo- composite diskF. Ashida
Study on generalized thermoelastic problems based on the G-N theory or the L-S theoryF. Ashida
Study on one-dimensional generalized thermoelastic analyses of piezoelectric thin films with nonlinear behaviorsF. Ashida
Cooperative transfer control of mobile robots using parallel mechanism with passive joints (Level control of carrier platform with fuzzy control on slope)M. Hamaguchi
Damping control of carrier platform on cart with parallel link-type active vibration reducer (Level control of carrier platform in rugged road)M. Hamaguchi
Study on microscopic stress analysis of composites considering influence of a free surfaceS. Sakata
Study on an approximate global optimization method with convex-path evaluation using the Kriging methodS. Sakata
Study on stochastic homogenization analysis of a short fiber reinforced composite materialS. Sakata
Nonlinear vibrations of elastic structures with a rectangular liquid tank obliquely attached under horizontal excitationS. Tamura
Optimal acceleration method considering saving energy and comfortable ride for electric vehicleT. Izumi
Minimization of dissipated energy in power mechatronics system considering the electric conversion lossT. Izumi
Development of game-like softwares for visual-motor coordination trainingM. Nawate
Application of gaze estimation to executive function training for person with higer brain dysfunctionM. Nawate
Characteristics of letter shape causing misreading of word for person with alexiaM. Nawate
Optimization of electric power levelling systems by simulated evolution and genetic algorithmsS. Funabiki
A study on gait evaluation of overground walking and treadmill walking using a compass-type walking modelS. Funabiki
Design of inverse DFT circuit using MMI couplerK. Jinguji
Blind equalization in a frequency domain for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing based multiple-input multiple-output systemsW. Nakamura
Feasible evaluations of regenerative recovery-less boost chopper circuit suitable for HEVM. Yamamoto
Trans-linked 3-phase SMZ DC-DC converter and its balance maintenance analysisM. Yamamoto
Novel digital control method for trans-linked boost chopper circuitM. Yamamoto
Empirical evaluations of smoothing capacitor-less ARCP method 3-phase voltage source soft switching inverterM. Yamamoto
Analysis of Raman spectra for polycrystalline silicon thin films on glass substratesK. Kitahara
Study on the low frequency noise in MOS transisitorsT. Tsuchiya
Study on the hot-carrier degradation in low-temperature poly-Si TFTsT. Tsuchiya
Evaluation of interface traps in small gate-area MOS transistorsT. Tsuchiya
Evaluation of MOS interface traps using transient charge-pumping characteristicsT. Tsuchiya
Optical properties of polycrystalline films of III-V compound semiconductor alloysY. Kajikawa
The realization of high performance GZO transparent conductive films by MOCVDY. Fujita

Nonlinear vibrations of a structure with a liquid containerT. Ikeda, S. Murakami
Analysis for noise suppression in business equipmentsT. Ikeda, S. Murakami
Cooperative control of dual arm using redundant manipulatorsT. Taniguchi
Intelligent motion control of autonomous mobile robotsT. Taniguchi
Design of control system to avoid an emergency on an automatic carT. Taniguchi
Study on the function of Self-Monitoring in a Multi-Layer piezoele ctric composite circular plateF. Ashida
Vibration control for a pendulum by moving the center of gravityK. Yoshida
Spin dependent tunneling effects in pseudo-two dimensional insulating granular systemsS. Honda, M. Nawate
Magnetic and transport properties of the nanoscale structuresS. Honda, M. Nawate
Giant magnetic tunneling effects in multilayers consisting of ferromagnetic layers and the insulating granular layersS. Honda, M. Nawate
Generation of mechanical power from natural energy sources such as solar and windT. Izumi
Measurement of vibration intensity on platesZhou Hai
FSK demodulation using an adaptive IIR notch filter based on normalized gradient algorithmS. Nishimura, S. Fukuma
A near-lossless coding using reversible sub-band codingS. Nishimura, S. Fukuma
Realization of adaptive digital filters using digital signal processorS. Nishimura, S. Fukuma
Study on traveling control of mobile robotsS. Funabiki, T. Tanaka
A Study of active-capacitor commutated converter with three-phase voltage-source PWM converter for HVDCS. Funabiki, T. Tanaka
In situ spectroscopic ellipsometry of metals in plasma reaction processA. Moritani
In situ spectroscopic ellipsometry of SiC in plasma reaction processA. Moritani
Investigation on Silicon-Hydrogen bonds and defects in Poly-Silicon thin filmsK. Kitahara
Study on the light emitting device using porous siliconH. Harada
The growth of ZnO epitaxial films by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy for optoelectronic devicesY. Fujita