Labo Professor Photo

We attended the foundation course of the intellectual property strategy seminar.
(at Soft Business Park/Techno Arc Shimane)(three undergraduate students)
2003. 5. 28- 12. 24

Now prepareing the ZnO ultrafine particles.

2003. 6. 19

We presented the results of our studies at the 64th Japan Society of Applied Physics meeting (Fukuoka University).

number 31a-B-4

"Growth of zinc oxide thin film by MOCVD method that uses alcohol for oxygen raw material."

2003. 8. 31

We presented our study results at the 5th IEEE Hiroshima Student Symposium.
(Junior high school and high school of Hiroshima University)

number B-22

"Research on growth of zinc oxide thin film by MOCVD method."

2003. 12. 13

We paticipated the Matsue Ttechno Fforum in the 3ed Shimane New Technology Seminar.

(at Kunibiki Messe).

2004. 2. 6