Biography of Toshiaki Kozu


Toshiaki Kozu 1977 M.E. Degree from Kyoto University. Entered Communications Research Laboratory (CRL; at that time, Radio Research Laboratories), Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.
1977-1983 Engaged in satellite broadcasting experiments using the first geostationary broadcasting satellite (BSE).
1983-1985 Engaged in the planning of broadcasting satellite control at Telecommunications Satellite Corporation of Japan. (TSCJ)
1985-1999 Basically at Radio Applications Division and Global Environment Division at CRL, working for microwave remote sensing studies.
1987-1989 Visiting scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
1991-1994 Engaged in the development of the precipitation radar onboard the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) at National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA). Obtained D.E. from Kyoto University in January 1992. The title of D.E.thesis is "Estimation of raindrop size distribution from spaceborne radar measurement".
  1994-1999.3 Chief, Microwave Remote Sensing Section, CRL
  1999.4-2013.3 Professor, Interdisciplinary Faculty of Science and Engineering, Shimane University. Member, IEEE, IEICE, SICE and RSSJ.
2013.4- Director, San'yoen, Ltd.. Member, IEEE, IEICE, and RSSJ.

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