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Updated on June 25, 2008

Remote Sensing Laboratory
Research Subjects

1. Fundamental studies on precipitation observation using radar
1.1 Fundamental studies on Raindrop Size Distribution (DSD) and radar observation
1.2 Characteristics of tropical rainfall and improvement of rainfall estimation algorithm
1.3 Observation of atmosphere and precipitation using Doppler radar

2. Research on new spaceborne precipitation radar system
2.1 Development of new precipitation radar for earth observation mission
2.2 Feasibility studies of Synthetic Aperture Precipitation Radar (PSAR)
2.3 Feasibility studies of Doppler system

3. Studies on remote sensing of coastal lagoon using spaceborne synthetic aperture raders (SAR)
3.1 Wind velocity mapping techmique using SAR
3.2 Detection of water flow and surface pollution using SAR
3.3 Conbined observation technique with visible sensors

4. Studies on evolution of convective clouds and precipitation systems at equatorial region
4.1 Development of observation systems of convection activity at Koto Tabang, Sumatra
4.2 Measurement of vertical structure of convective rain and DSD
4.3 Detection of atmospheric waves generated from convective activity

5. Remote Sensing of mesosphere
5.1 Observation of mesosphere using optical measurement
5.2 Observation of mesosphere using radar


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